A3i arrives this July 2016

The BIS experience brings technology to people with disabilities, making, what is for the rest of us easy, possible!

Meet Erez Logashi. He’s the founder of an awesome start-up that enables individuals who are deaf to feel everything one might Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.54.05not be able to hear. The technology developed a system that links our sense of touch with different sounds to provide those with the disability, the capability to use minds and bodies . Completing the A3i Accelerator, the company received 600,000 NIS from Israel’s Chief Scientist in order to continue the development of the product and to eventually supply it to the communities globally.
“The accelerator opened doors and helped us develop the right connections with leading organizations and companies that allow us to present our project in front of tens of thousands of professionals and potential investors around the world”
And the best news is that the third round of our Accelerator is coming up this July 2016 and we couldn’t be any more excited! The accelerator will run from July to November, when we will take part in a ceremony honoring the entrepreneurs involved.

For more details about the accelerator bit.ly/25jQOaz