Nothing About Us Without Us!

We are excited to share the news of a historic amendment to the Israeli guardianship law! The constitution, law and justice committee decided to include the option to use decision supporters in the guardianship law. This means that supported decision making can be chosen as an alternative to full guardianship, increasing the freedom and independence of people with disabilities.

Our national self-advocacy leadership group ascended the Knesset in late 2015, to present their position paper on proposed changes to the guardianship law. They studied the topic, held a discussion on this issue at the national conference of self-advocacy groups and now participate in ongoing meetings of the Social Affairs Committee in order to represent and express the views of people with intellectual ‪#‎disabilities‬.

We are proud of the national group of self-advocates, and congratulate  our partners in Israel Elwyn and our friends in Be’zchut organization, who fought for the amendment and brought true social change.